Best Dog Harnesses for Pomeranian (Reviews Updated 2024)

Pomeranians are indeed popular small-breed dogs known for their lively personalities. It’s important to keep them safe by using a leash whenever they accompany their owners. Many Pomeranian owners prefer harnesses over collars to avoid putting pressure on their dog’s neck.

Finding a properly fitting harness for Pomeranians can be challenging due to their unique body proportions, including a deep chest and a fluffy coat. To assist you in this search, we have compiled reviews of what we believe are the 10 best harnesses for Pomeranians this year. These reviews can provide insights into the features and suitability of each harness. Additionally, we offer a buyer’s guide to further assist you in making an informed decision before purchasing a harness for your Pomeranian.


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As you can see from the above five products, there are many different features to consider when buying your Pomeranian their harness. One of the most important things to do before you buy is to measure your Pom. Almost every harness will have a sizing guide before purchase that you can check to see what size your Pom is. Different brands size things differently, never buy something without measuring your Pom first because that is the size they always have.



This is one of the single most important features you can have on your harness. If you have a dog that is oddly shaped, or has odd proportions then this can be a God send for you. Most harnesses are one size and that doesn’t always fit all dogs of a breed. Being able to adjust the fit to your Pomeranian’s specifications is a great bonus to a harness.


This is a great bonus to have, although it isn’t vital, on your Pomeranian’s harness. It is however more important to have if you live in a hot or muggy climate. Dog’s coats make them more susceptible to heat stroke and similar problems so having a breathable harness negates some of that worry. The most common material used in these harnesses are mesh as it is made from holes for the wind to freely pass through, cooling off your Pom.


These features are perfect for newly trained or in training Pomeranian who still pull and choke themselves. The harness is generally designed to cover the chest area and evenly distribute the weight from pulling across the chest and neck, thus stopping choking. It is also nice for training as it encourages your Pom to stay at your side, where they should be.


A step in design is great for Pomeranian who give their owners trouble when it comes time to get ready to go. Just slide their paws into the holes and slide the vest on. After that you are ready to go on your walk, no struggling or fights necessary.


This feature is nice to have, but no where near a vital feature. If you go on night walks then you may want the harness to be reflective or have reflective lining as it makes you more noticeable to passing cars, making you and your Pomeranian safer. This also applies for daytime walks but the effect is less noticeable.

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