Best Dog Toys for Pomeranian

Do you own or are preparing to own a Pomeranian and wonder what types of toys would be perfect for them to play with? They have to be small enough to fit comfortably in the dog’s mouth, while being big enough to not be a choking hazard. It can be stressful to find the perfect toy, but after thorough research I have found the top five recommended dog toys for a Pomeranian.

Each one has its own product description for you to glance through, with three features below it to give you an idea of why you would want to buy it. There are many different types of dog toys out there for your Pomeranian to enjoy and I tried to pick ones from each of the main categories for you to peruse through. At the end of the article is a buying guide to give you extra information, should you want it, about the different dog toy types and their uses.


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Pomeranian Dog Toy Buyer’s Guide

As you can see from the above, there are many different types of toys that your Pomeranian would love to sink their teeth into and I only went into five of the thousands available. Before I go on to explain the different types of toys and their benefits, I will remind pet owners that when buying a toy for a small breed such as the Pomeranian, you must get a toy that won’t tax their jaw by being too big when they pick it up to play with it. That can cause many problems later in their life and is better to simply avoid it all together.

Let’s start with the basics of dog toys. Balls. Balls don’t need an explanation. Everyone knows what they are, but modern science has given us some new and fun additions to the age old toy. Now there are treat balls, squeaky balls, bouncy balls, and fetch balls. Not to mention the various ones made to go into the water for your puppy who loves to swim. If your pup loves nothing more than a game of fetch, than any of the above would work for them.


Rope Toys are a bit more tricky with the Pomeranian. You want a rope that is sturdy enough to last in a game of tug, but small enough to not tax their jaws. There are some ropes specifically made for smaller mouths, but when buying one be sure it will fit comfortably in your Pom’s mouth.


Stuffed Toys can be cute and fun, but are generally not a great toy for chewers. If you don’t mind that the toy will be shredded in no time then you can get one for a teething puppy, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Some Stuffed toys have squeaker in them while others have paper or plastic that make odd sounds when your pup bites into them. Some are completely silent and only meant to cuddle with. What you buy is all up to you.


Chew Toys are perfect for teething puppies or Pomeranian that love to chew on things. Chew Toys come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and flavors for your pup to enjoy. Some are bone shaped, while others are sometimes odd like pacifiers. Whatever you choose be sure the material is sturdy, doesn’t splinter and is non toxic for your pup.


Puzzle Toys are said to increase your puppies intelligence by having them do small or short puzzles or interactive activities. This encourages them to use their critical thinking in other important times in their life. Puzzle toys come in a wide variety, just like human puzzles do. You can search and find one that works best for your pup. Some have treat incentive while others are sounds that excite your puppy when they win.

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