5 Best Raincoats for French Bulldogs: Keeping Your Pup Safe and Dry!

When you get a dog, one thing is for sure: they need to go outside to potty and exercise—rain or shine. No one likes the smell of wet dog.When it comes to rainy weather, they probably aren’t too crazy about it either.Whether you’re having trouble convincing your Frenchie to go out or want to protect your furniture and carpets post-potty break, raincoats can really help.I’ve spent 78 hours to find the best raincoats for French Bulldogs. Let’s dive right in.

French Bulldog Raincoats: Key Takeaways

Here are the points in this article that you need to take with you when you finish up.

  • Always be sure that the raincoat isn’t too restrictive or tight, especially around the neck. Since many cover this area, there must be enough give around the neck to avoid unnatural pressure.
  • If you plan on walking your Frenchie with a raincoat on, it can be dreary out on rainy days. Having reflective strips or a very bright color ensures your Frenchie is highly visible to passersby, keeping them safe and sound.
  • Some raincoats will be better in heavy wind and rain while others are better suited for light showers. Be sure to check the water-resistance and durability of your favorite pick before purchase, so you know it will hold up in the elements.
  • While style is probably an important factor, the function is much more critical. Don’t get too caught up on looks unless it delivers on keeping your pet warm and dry.

How to Pick the Best Raincoat for your Frenchie

How to Pick the Best Raincoat for your Frenchie

When you’re on the search, you’ll see different styles, functions, and options.Here are some features to consider when you’re picking out your personal favorite.

  • Hood vs. Collar

Some raincoats will have hoods, while others have an adjustable collar that fits around the upper neck.The collar version would be ideal for quick walks or bathroom trips in a mild drizzle.The hood would be better for heavy rain to keep their ears and fur fully protected.Hoods are often optional as well. Being able to choose when or when not to wear it could be an attractive feature for you.

  • Leash and Harness Access

Having a French Bulldog, it’s always better to walk them with a harness because of their sensitive neck.Make sure that the raincoat you pick has a harness feature before purchasing if you plan to walk your Frenchie with a harness.

  • Security and Adjustability

Having a secure fitting raincoat can help your little one feel comfortable with venturing out in the rain.An appropriate fit will help to alleviate some anxiety about bathroom trips and walks.Adjustable drawstrings or straps close around the hood, neck, and belly areas for a moisture-free experience.

Buyer Beware: If the raincoat is too large, it may not allow a proper closure, allowing the water to come through.

  • High Visibility and Reflective Straps

Because rainy days are quite dark, it’s a huge factor in safety for your Frenchie to be fully visible.Purchasing bright colors or a raincoat with reflective straps will solve this issue and keep them from potential danger.

  • Comfortable, Durable Fabric

Comfort and durability should be equally important. This raincoat should hold up in the elements since that’s what it’s designed to do.Make sure you are getting a high quality, water-resistant, appropriately lined raincoat.

If you live in an area with mild temperatures and light rain, buying a thin but waterproof coat is ideal.If you live in an area with chillier winds and harsh rainfall, the material needs to withstand your environment.

Top 5 Picks: Best Raincoats for French Bulldogs

Below are the best raincoats for French Bulldogs. Each serves a unique purpose. Hopefully, one will land in your shopping cart by the end.

HDE Dog Raincoat—Overall Favorite

This HDE Dog Raincoat is my favorite because of its overall functionality and affordable price.It comes in a variety of color and pattern choices and has a durable, simple construction.

The polyester material has a waterproof coating to deflect rainfall.Each of the colors is bright, it also has a highly reflective strap to aid in visibility.

There is a very convenient belly strap that secures around the belly.I loved how easy it was to put on dog, saving me lots of time.

It has an optional hood, but it doesn’t have any adjustable feature to keep the hood up.Aside from that, it’s incredibly lightweight and non-restrictive, so it doesn’t feel too bulky or unnatural for your Frenchie to wear.


  • √Many color and pattern choices
  • √Affordable
  • √Lightweight and easy to put on


  • ⊗Hood does not secure around the head

Pro Plums Dog Raincoat—Best Raincoat for Harnesses

The Pro Plums Dog Raincoat is the most convenient one I can find when using a harness. It’s a very versatile fit that allows the rain to roll off with ease.It has reflective and adjustable nylon straps that fit around the girth portion of your Frenchie.

This style doesn’t have a hood, but it does have an elastic, adjustable band that fits your Frenchie’ neck.It can keep them dry without being too restrictive around the area.

The interior is mesh-lined, so it provides a nice layer of comfort and protection.It’s completely machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart after a single wash.

The company also promises the color won’t fade for up to a year. Overall, it’s well-made and ideal for walks.


  • √The hole is perfect for harness and leash attachment
  • √Machine washable and colorfast
  • √Well-made
  • √Reflective, adjustable straps


  • ⊗No hood

FUNFLOWERS Dog Raincoat—Best Reflective Raincoat

This delightful little FUNFLOWERS Dog Raincoat is neon bright with thick reflective strips, so you won’t have to worry a bit about your Frenchie’s safety.

It has an optional hood with a drawstring adjustment for optimal fit around the head. The Velcro strap fits around the underbelly, making it a breeze secure.

It has a single Velcro back pocket in the center of the back to store small belongings on walks. There is a space for a leash attachment as well.It’s relatively simple to put on, but if you have a dog who resists a bit, it can be a little tricky to get the paws in place.

I need to note that it’s imperative to measure on this one in particular correctly.If you order too small, the chest area could easily fit too tight, which is detrimental to your Frenchie’s well-being.I urge you to pay close attention to avoid a negative outcome.


  • √Adorable, bright design
  • √Optional, adjustable hood
  • √Back pocket for storage


  • ⊗The wrong size could cause neck pressure

Tellpet Dog Jacket— Best-Fitting Raincoat

What I really love about the Tellpet Dog Raincoat is that it fits loosely and isn’t obstructive for your Frenchie to wear.I also like that it has so many points of adjustment, so you can firmly secure the coat to vital areas.

The raincoat hangs comfortably around the front and hind legs as well as the neck.It is incredibly well-stitched and hard-wearing. The fabric is strong waterproof nylon that can double as protection from the sun or wind.

It’s definitely a unique design, incorporating elastic cord and stoppers to secure the coat in place.The colors are bright, accompanied by reflective strips.

It moves with your Frenchie’s body, providing comfort and security.While the raincoat does come up high, cupping the head, it doesn’t have a hood attached.

So, if that was a feature you were hoping for, this one does lack in that department.


  • √Loose and snug in all the right places
  • √Multiple adjustment points for optimal fit
  • √Well-made waterproof nylon
  • √Uniquely customizable design


  • ⊗No hood

Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up Dog Raincoat—Most Stylish Raincoat

The most stylish on the list is this adorable Ellie Dog Wear Zip Up Dog Raincoat.Not only is it super cute, it adjusts beautifully to fit your Frenchie’s frame.

It zips up, buttons down the front, and has elastic drawstrings for an optimal fit.The hood fits snugly around your Frenchie’s face, but it is optional.

So, if your Frenchie doesn’t like the feeling of having their face covered, you can leave the hood off.It’s made of high quality, double-layered, water-resistant material. The buttons are reflective to keep your Frenchie visible.

It also has pockets! You can store snacks or other small items in these buttoned compartments.There is a hole for a harness to allow simple walks.Be sure to follow the sizing chart strictly, as the sizes differ quite a bit.


  • √Stylish
  • √Completely adjustable
  • √Optional hood
  • √Functional pockets


  • ⊗Very particular sizing

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A Series of Steps: How to Measure your Frenchie for Coats & Jackets:

1.Gather your measuring gear:

  • a measuring tape (to do the measuring)
  • a brush (to ensure your Frenchie’s fur is flat),
  • a notebook and pen (to note down the measurements for use in the near future!)

2.Prepare your Frenchie!

Remove the collar from your Frenchie so it would not get in the way of your measurements, and then make sure your Frenchie is standing comfortably.To aid in measurements, make sure you and your Frenchie are on the same eye level.

3.Measure, measure, measure!

Make the measurements of your Frenchie carefully, noting the measurements in inches:

  • Wrap the tape gently around your Frenchie’s neck, to assess its width
  • Next, calculate the girth of your Frenchie, by measuring the widest part of its chest (below the forelegs) and then add two inches to your findings. This is to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Measure the back from the center of the neck to the start of the tail, and then add two inches.


Do dog raincoats work with harnesses?

Yes, many raincoats for dogs have a hole designated for a harness on the back so you can enjoy walks in the rain.

What size raincoat does my French Bulldog need?

What size raincoat does my French Bulldog need?

The size will differ from brand to brand. Once you measure your Frenchie, follow the sizing chart for each product to know you are getting the best fit.

Measuring should be relatively straightforward. You will measure three main areas: the neck, the girth, and the length.


I hope my five-pick roundup of the best raincoats for French Bulldogs helped you out on your search.

While I standby the HDE Dog Raincoat for being the best due to affordability, function, and overall aesthetics, they are all excellent choices.

Just remember to check if the raincoat has your most desired features, measure appropriately, and watch your Frenchie enjoy rainy days!

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