7 Best Dog Collars for Pomeranians in 2024

Pomeranian, have fierce personalities for such little bodies. They aren’t afraid of anything or anyone and can display near-obsessive levels of attention when on the trail of a small animal…or a beloved toy. Their dedication to the hunt, along with their lapdog status, has earned them a full-scale following.

They can escape even the tightest fenced yards pretty quickly, so your Pomeranian must always have a collar to help with a safe return. You’ll need collars that come in small enough sizes and that aren’t too wide or too heavy for their tiny frame.

If you aren’t sure what kind of collar to choose, we can help out. Our list of top picks for collars for Pomeranians can help you get your Pomeranian secure and comfortable while ensuring information is always easy to find. Plus, we’ve answered some questions you may have about how to choose and what to expect once you do. Let’s get started!

Best Dog Collars for Pomeranians

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What to look for in a good collar for your Pomeranian

Pomeranians aren’t the beefiest dogs, but they can still put some wear and tear on a collar. They’re rarely still and love diving and dodging in hard to reach places, so you may find that collars take a beating even with such a little body.

Leather and woven materials make excellent materials for collars because they are easy to clean and typically flexible. Leather can certainly be rigid, but if you find a collar with fine grain, flexible leather, it could be comfortable. They keep their colors and don’t fray or tear the way cheaper materials will.

Hardware should be rust-resistant and tough. You don’t want your leash attachment to snap while you’re walking your Pomeranian, so be sure the hardware is a priority. Also, buckles need to be secure at every adjustment point.

The narrower, the better because Pomeranian necks can’t support a heavy collar. Make sure you can get the collar on and off and that adjustments are possible to get the right fit. Smart collars can help keep track of your Pom’s activity levels while things like electronic collars or GPS could be great for when you have an escape artist or a stubborn Pomeranian.

Whether you choose a typical collar or a smart one, your Pomeranian needs to have a collar in its gear. The collar keeps your Pom safe so the sooner you get your Pomeranian used to one, the better.

Different Types of Dog Collars for Pomeranians

Collars come in all different types and sizes from every day to special situations. Let’s go over a few options so you can find one your Pomeranian needs plus mention a few you should stay away from.

Flat Collars
These are the typical dog collar. They fit flat against your Pom’s skin and stay out of the way. They come in different materials, but nearly all are adjustable and have secure closures. These are great for first collars or to get your Pom into a collar that won’t be super expensive.

Martingale Collars
No-slip collars keep your Pomeranian from backing out of a collar and can redirect energy while on the leash. It has a loop closure that tightens as your Pomeranian pulls with a safety feature to prevent the loop from closing completely. Many can be worn as everyday collars with no trouble.]

Smart/Electronic/GPS Collars
These are special collars with features designed to help solve a specific issue. A smart collar can hold activity and health information, while a GPS collar can track your Pom’s location across the nation in some cases. Electronic collars are great for nudges during training.

Choke or Prong Collars
These collars are appropriate only for rare, individual use cases and only with an experienced trainer. Most people won’t use these at all, but the rare rehabber working with a particularly aggressive dog may use them as a last resort. Stay away from these because you can cause serious bodily harm to your Pomeranian. It’s not worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size collar should I buy for my Pomeranian puppy?

People often want to buy just one collar, so they get one that doesn’t quite fit their puppy and try to adjust. The collar won’t ever fit well so your puppy may reject it.

Measure your puppy’s neck and get a collar that will fit your Pomeranian as a puppy instead of what might fit someday. You can train your puppy to wear a collar comfortably, and with all the affordable options out there, it won’t be a big deal to invest in a permanent collar once your puppy is older. Use the same guidelines as above to get the right fit.

Is it a legal requirement for a dog to wear a collar?

You’ll need to check with your local laws for the answer to that, but there are many places where it is unlawful to have a dog without a collar in public.

Even if there isn’t a law in your town, you should still get in the habit of keeping your Pomeranian in a collar so that identification is always easy to find. It could help your Pomeranian come back to you in the event of a minor escape.

My Pomeranian is microchipped. Does my Pomeranian still need a collar?

My Pomeranian is microchipped. Does my Pomeranian still need a collar?

Microchips are great for big escapes, but you need specialized equipment to read them. Your neighbor won’t have that equipment, so you’ll rely on their good graces to take the dog in. A collar is a much more accessible form of identification and could help get your Pomeranian back to you much faster.


Pomeranians fun personalities are a great addition to your household. A collar helps keep your smallest companion safe, so make sure you get one that’s comfortable yet secure. You and your Pomeranian can get back to all the fun of walks and exploring with the right collar in place.

You don’t have to choose a smart collar or one with special features although we recommend at least exploring that option if you’re able to. We love even the simple collars on our list and know that they’ll give you the stability and peace of mind you need from your Pom gear to have plenty of happy activities.

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